Government Regulatory Compliance LLC
d.b.a. GRC-Pirk Management Company

Registered Environmental Assessors
P.O. Box 21270, Reno, NV 89515
1135 Terminal Way
Reno, Nevada 89502

888-374-7475 (Toll Free Phone)
775-824-9008 (Reno Local)
866-729-3892 (Toll Free Fax)

Technical Support:
New Accounts:
Legal Affairs: Robert W. Morris, Esq.
CFO: Jenni Bishop
Information Technology: Russell Elder
ClimateCredit Registry: FindGreenGarage
Green Distributor Certification :
Professional Engineering:
Data Exchange:

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The Certified Green Investment™ Service is a formal funding and monitoring registry to certify U.S. and Canadian shop operations that have
invested in legitimate environmental improvements.

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