We are comprised of licensed environmental consultants that objectively conduct one or more aspects of Registered Environmental Assessment (REA).

REA's are qualified to review and certify the requirements of federal, provincial, and state regulatory authorities for compliance certification of environmental, health, and safety laws and standards.

An REA develops an opinion which describes whether current or past environmental management practices may result in employee, public or ecological consequences and has specific expertise in areas such as: environmental site assessment; air emissions assessment, prevention, monitoring and control; emergency preparedness and response; surface and groundwater contamination assessment, prevention, monitoring and control; generator waste disposal, recycling, reduction, storage and treatment; occupational health and safety reviews; risk assessment and risk reduction recommendations; soil contamination assessment, prevention, monitoring and control; underground tank checks and removal; and other areas of expertise relating to hazardous substances and/or hazardous waste management.

Under the CGI Program, we prepare a Return On Investment (ROI) assessment based on operational savings and subsidies. We may function as the project producer, the broker, the developer, the investment banker and/ or retrofit manager.

  • Consultants - since 1988
  • Professional Engineers (PE)
  • Staff attorney for regulatory law
  • Independent Auditors per IRS Tax law
  • Approved for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) monitoring

As a corporate citizen, we understand that our business success is dependent upon the environment and the sustainability of the natural resources we all share. As a professional consulting firm, we understand that we are responsible for educating today's environmental stewards and those of the future. We also know that we must practice continuous innovation to reduce the environmental costs of delivering sustainable solutions now and in the future.

Environmental Performance

  • Compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • Application of environmental performance indicators to industry and to individual employees at all levels.
  • Measurement of environmental performance through continuous auditing for progress towards and reporting on internal and external standards.
  • Integration of environmental considerations into daily operations and business decision-making processes.

Energy and Climate Protection

  • Efficient use of natural resources to minimize waste generation, including greenhouse gas emissions, through efforts that include software development, cross-media electronic recordkeeping, and the use of innovative technologies and pollution prevention.
  • Commitment to improving performance towards meeting set energy and climate protection goals.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Promotion of effective environmental management by our partners.
  • Promotion of environmental policies and technologies through leadership and engagement with appropriate business, industry and public policy associations.

Educational Innovation

  • Promotion of environmental education, practices and policies to employees, customers, manufacturers, distributors and the public.
  • Promotion of models for learning that minimize the environmental costs associated with delivering environmental, health and safety solutions.

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The Certified Green Investment™ Service is a formal funding and monitoring registry to certify U.S. and Canadian shop operations that have
invested in legitimate environmental improvements.

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